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Amazon Tours


The jungle, amazon, or tropical rainforest of Peru is the most diverse habitat on the planet. It is home to the majority of the plant and animal species of the entire world. It has a hot and quite humid climate, with rainfall during December and March, with frequent showers around the year. Large rivers like the Amazon, Ucayali, and Madre de Dios, lakes and groups of the same breeds are present here, which offer their visitors spectacular, unforgettable nature sites. The Peruvian Amazon is home to more than 20,000 plant and animal species: it is extraordinarily rich and plentiful. Among the most well-known inhabitants of this region are the primates, for example the spider monkey, howler monkey, pichico emperador (type of monkey with a white, long mustache), and dozens more. For example, there are different feline species such as oncillas (also known as the northern tiger cat or tigrillo), pumas, jaguars, tapirs (large, pig-like mammal) and the largest mammal in the world, the ronsoco. Its waters are full of fish like the paiche, zungaro, and aquatic turtles. The birds light up the Amazon with their colors and trinids.


Manu National Park offers a pristine forest with all imaginable nature activities. We also have the option to go to the Tambopata (a secondary forest).

Manu Cultural Zone

4 days / From: USD 570.00

Manu National Park

7 days / From: USD 1670.00

Manu Biosphere

5 days / From: USD 1300.00

Tambopata Tour

3 days / From: USD 250.00

Tambopata Tour

5 days / From: USD 500.00

Tambopata Tour

4 days / From: USD 300.00

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