Discover northern Peru

16 days / 15 nights

From: USD $ 1600.00

Discover northern Peru

The rarely-visited north of Peru is an incredible part of the world, beautiful and full of history, with archaeology dating from pre-Inca times (between 100 and 1500 AD). The tribes of the north made significant achievements building great cities, fortresses, tombs and temples such as palace of Chan Chan, Caral and the Lord of Sipan. This tour will take you through many distinct and contrasting areas of Peru, from the dry coastal desert, the Andean mysterious cloud forest or eyebrow of the Amazon as Kuelap in Chachapoyas, to the high Andean valleys of Cusco surrounded by snowcapped peaks.  A travel through time and the history of Peru with the awe-inspiring climax of secret city of Machu Picchu.

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When to Travel

Apr -  Nov Jan, Mar-Dec

Activities: History, Culture, Nature and archeology
Places: Lima, Chiclayo, Chachapoyas, Trujillo, Cusco and Machu Picchu

Day 1: Arrival Lima

Day 2: The main attractions of the Historic Center of Lima, Miraflores

Day 3: Visit Caral - Lima

Day 4: Trujillo and Chan Chan

Day 5: Chiclayo - the Lord of Sipan:

Day 6: Sipan Museum & pyramids of Tucume

Day 7: Chiclayo to Chachapoyas

Day 8: Chachapoyas - Funeral buildings Revash

Day 9: Kuelap – Chachapoyas

Day 10: Return from Chachapoyas to Chiclayo

Day 11: Chiclayo to Cusco

Day 12: Cusco - Sacsayhuaman – Qenko

Day 13: Sacred Valley of the Incas

Day 14: Sunrise over Machu Picchu

Day 15: Machu Picchu – Cusco

Day 16: Cusco - Lima - International flight

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