Manu National Park

7 days / 6 nights

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Manu National Park

This tour gives you a complete rainforest experience, including the Reserved Zone of Manu. You travel through the cloud forest and over the famous Manu road and explore the lowland forest's oxbow lakes and salt licks.
MANU NATIONAL PARK – RESERVED ZONE: The Manu National Park is a protected nature reserve with the most animal diversity in Peru and maybe the world. Animal habitats range from 200 masl (meters above sea level) in the Amazon rainforest around the source of the Manu river to 3,800 masl up in the high plains of the Peruvian Andes, an area that covers 17,163 square kilometers. This area has been declared an UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site as well as a nucleus of Biosphere Reserves in 1987. Manu National Park is also the home of various tribes like the Matshiguenka, Jarambut, Yines and isolated populations like the Mashcopiros. In Manu it has been reported that there are 10,000 species of plants, 250 varieties of trees in one hectacre, 221 species of mammals, 1,200 species of butterflies, more than 300 types of ants, 210 species of fish, 155 species of amphibians, 132 species of reptiles and 1,025 species of birds which makes up 10% of the world´s avian population. Manu is considered to be one of the few remaining pristine forests on the planet and it is truly a paradise of natural evolution.

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When to Go:

  Apr -  Dec  


Culture, Nature, Fauna, Flora, Wildlife & Hike

Cusco, Manu cloud forest, Manu Biosphere & Manu National Park   


Reservation ahead of time. Min 2 passengers

Starting Point:


Ending Point:
Cusco or Puerto Maldonado


From your hotel in Cusco city



tourist bus and boat

Difficulty of trek:

DAY 1.- Cusco - Manu Cloud forest

DAY 2. Bambu Lodge - Pilcopata & Atalaya - Boca Manu Lodge

DAY 3.- Hummingbird Lodge to Casa Matsiguenka Lodge

DAY 4.-. Cocha Salvador / Cocha Otorongo

DAY 5.- Casa Matsiguenka Lodge - Maquispayoj - Collpa Tapir

DAY 6.- Collpa de Guacamayos

DAY 7.- Maquisapayoj - Colorado - Cusco or Puerto Maldonado


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