Group Travel

Here you will find programs oriented exclusively for delegations of 6 or more people who wish to visit Peru, with different interests whether it is for vacation, study or volunteering. We have a lot of experience in organizing the right program for your delegation and so please feel free to send us an Email so we can plan the ideal itinerary for you and your group.

If it is your group's interest to travel as part of a university or college program, we have the right professionals such as biologists and ornithologists for you to visit Manu National Park or a high Andean community for a lively cultural experience for example.


Inca Trail

4 days / From: USD 750.00

Salkantay Trek

4 days / From: USD 550.00

Choquequirao Trek

8 days / From: USD 990.00

Manu Biosphere with Machu Picchu

7 days

Lares Trek via Pumahuanca

4 days

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